Monday, 17 August 2009

Fun Day !

Locos lined up ready for the 'off'

Last Saturday saw us having a Club running day when we spent all day enjoying our railway, with some of the members trying their hand at new tasks, or just getting more experience with their existing ones, and others just enjoying the rides and the relaxed atmosphere! It was, again, a very lovely day, we are so lucky with the weather generally, it's been very enjoyable!
So members were practising driving, guarding, signalling, andbeing a Person In Charge, with Lucille, Thunderbox, The General and The Shay all in use. A good day, as we hope the photos will show!


Lucille being 'prepped'

OK Guys, so who's doing what !

The Boys find out what's what on The Shay!

The 'Young Ones' in charge with The Shay on the back straight

Lucille coming up to the Lake flat crossing with concentrating driver!
All photos: Brian M