Thursday, 6 August 2009

Another good day

Wednesday was another very warm, sunny day which makes 'working' on the ALR an absolute pleasure. It's amazing what you see if you 'look' and yesterday was no exception. There were frogs in the grass, shrews, ladybirds, newts, grasshoppers and ladybirds (or Bishy Barnabees as they are called in these parts), all of which makes us realise what a lovely spot this is......We managed to get a few more jobs done, grass cutting, strimming under tree belts, more work on Coach 40's chassis
(we are getting there slowly!), and we got the Shay running. It was a very 'gunged' up carburettor, and the loco is running fine now, as some of the gang (Ashley, Ben & Dave) who drove it round the circuit found out, it is very easy to drive. It also allowed the boys to test the track circuiting system on the first sections installed, which worked fine, so all systems go now!