Monday, 6 July 2009

Successful July Open Day

We were delighted that the weather was kind to us on Sunday (5th July), and that our motoring friends from the Cambridge, Norwich & Broadland MG Owners Clubs managed to find us with their fascinating variety of MGs, old (and newer models too!). We were delighted to welcome them, they all were very happy, and we hope our visitors enjoyed them too !
We managed eventually, to run a three train service (albeit that we were a bit short staffed due to holidays etc,), with Lucille, Hotspur, The General, Thunderbox and The Shay all taking their turn. So apologies if you had to wait a little while for a ride, but it was a lovely afternoon and everyone was in good spirits, so thank you for coming to see us !

The MG 'convoy' arriving

Parked inside the 'Tunnel' circuit

and two of the trains... The Shay ready to depart

and Lucille heads towards Laurel Sidings

All photos: George Aldridge

Thursday, 2 July 2009

ALR's Latest Asset ?

As a special 'thank you' gesture to the ALR Wednesday Club members, this super sunshade has been very kindly donated by, wait for it, a Wednesday Club member !
Most useful, thanks Dave....the only problem is......

The new asset being tested at 12.30

The new asset being tested at 15.30 !!!!

Just joking Boys !