Wednesday, 10 June 2009

A typical ALR Wednesday

'Hotspur' resting on a shed siding.

There were five of us at the railway today, as we are into the holiday season now with some of our members enjoying time away, (and no doubt visiting other railways !). So, with lots of gardening to do, we were busy trimming the bushes around the site to keep them in order and helping to maintain some gaps here and there to help our signalling people to catch a glimpse of a train now and then!
Our engineering Boys were turning coach wheels from steel blanks on our trusty old lathe, as we gradually replace the cast wheels on our coach sets, making coupling bars for The Shay, tweaking the steam whistle on 'Hotspur' to prevent losing valuable steam whilst running, and making up point switches.

John works on a point motor installation

The General & The Shay bask outside the shed

Titan looks good on the middle road

Thunderbox & Lucille on the shed roads
Photos: Brian M

An enjoyable day !