Monday, 29 June 2009

MGOC to visit ALR

So we hear you saying, what is MGOC ? well it stands for MG Owners Club, and we are delighted that on SUNDAY 5th JULY 2009, which is this coming Sunday!, the Ashmanhaugh Light Railway will be welcoming some 30 to 40 restored MG's (and maybe some other makes?), as the Cambridge, Norwich & Broadland Clubs are having a run out to Ashmanhaugh for a Summer Picnic, where these lovely vehicles will be displayed all afternoon.

Why not come and have a look, ride our trains, have a cuppa, and just enjoy the surroundings? Should be good !!!!!!

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Some work.......some play !

Signal box rose bed in bloom!
Photo: George Aldridge

Today saw us 'enjoying' a morning doing some jobs, trimming grass edges, weeding and tidying up around the platform area, more lathework on the wheel blanks (well done Ray!), track circuiting relays being installed (more on this later!), trackwork tweaking, replenishing fire buckets (it has been hot this week, marvelous), feeding and watering the roses, etc, etc, etc.
Then in the afternoon we had a play!

Lucille and The Shay pose in the station
Photo: Brian M

Alan fired up Lucille and gave some of our members a first experience of driving this lovely little engine, should have seen their faces!!!!!! and, after some fine tuning and a plug change, we got The Shay going, sent him/her out for a gentle first trip around the triangle to get him/her the right way round, then, after putting the cab back on and a bit more tweaking to get the fuel mixture right, we took her round the circuit, twice....excellent! The loco runs well, is easy to drive and is going to be a good performer for the ALR, there is a lot of power there and we look forward to seeing the loco handling some passenger trains, maybe next Sunday, our next Open Day? We will see !

Alan shows Tom the controls
Photo: Brian M

The 'L' train coming nicely along the back straight
Photo: Brian M

The Shay sets off for its first full circuit of the extended ALR with Geoffrey in charge
Photo: Brian M
..and out in the Boondocks, a fine site (the loco not the driver! ???)
Photo; Brian M
...and finally, Boys & their toys ?, George's Mamod with Lucille & Thunderbox!
Photo: George Aldridge


Friday, 12 June 2009

The Whitwell & Reepham Railway

Photo: George Aldridge

Thursday evening saw a group of us visit this very new railway, following an approach to the railway's Mike Urry, by our 'Social Secretary' resulting in an invitation for us to 'come and have a look round'. So we did and we were more than impressed with the progress made on the restoration work carried out so far on this lovely site set in the middle of the beautiful Norfolk countryside, and sitting as it did (and does) on the original Whitwell & Reepham station site on the Midland & Great Northern Railway's route between Melton Constable and Norwich.
There is a a short but interesting run to the end of the line, (one steam loco & one diesel), a classic original station building gradually being restored, an interesting selection of rolling stock, the original goods shed being used as a loco shed and the original platforms are still in very good condition.

Photo: Brian M
So, thanks to Mike, Dawn & Richard for giving up their time to proudly show us what they have achieved already. Well worth a visit.
We will be back !

'Annie'. Andrew Barclay 0-4-0 Saddle tank No 945 (built 1904) .
Photo: George Aldridge
Baguley-Drewery No 7 (Works BD3733 (1977)
Photo: Brian M

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

A typical ALR Wednesday

'Hotspur' resting on a shed siding.

There were five of us at the railway today, as we are into the holiday season now with some of our members enjoying time away, (and no doubt visiting other railways !). So, with lots of gardening to do, we were busy trimming the bushes around the site to keep them in order and helping to maintain some gaps here and there to help our signalling people to catch a glimpse of a train now and then!
Our engineering Boys were turning coach wheels from steel blanks on our trusty old lathe, as we gradually replace the cast wheels on our coach sets, making coupling bars for The Shay, tweaking the steam whistle on 'Hotspur' to prevent losing valuable steam whilst running, and making up point switches.

John works on a point motor installation

The General & The Shay bask outside the shed

Titan looks good on the middle road

Thunderbox & Lucille on the shed roads
Photos: Brian M

An enjoyable day !

Monday, 8 June 2009

ALR Open but WET !

Our June Open Day this year was very wet, to say the least. It was fine, if cloudy for most of the morning, with just the odd shower, and so everything was put into place ready to receive our visitors. But, then Mother Nature decided the grass and bushes and trees needed some water (and she is right, they do!), and down came the rain, just after 1, and it never really stopped until just after 5 !
Even so we had some keen visitors, thank you, we were pleased to see you and to take you round our railway, we hope you can re visit on a fine sunny day to really enjoy the ALR!
Lucille and Hotspur did the work, which was fairly laid back, (& wet !) ,we did not run an intensive service!!!!!. General & Thunderbox were on standby.
Let's hope for a nice, warm, sunny day on July 5th ? Hope to see you then ?