Monday, 4 May 2009

ALR's Treasure Quest with Radio Norfolk

Radio Norfolk's Becky arriving on site to find the Clue !

Sunday 3rd May was an exciting day for our railway, as Radio Norfolk had asked us if we would be willing to help with their 'Treasure Quest' programme that goes out from 9 til 12 on Sunday mornings. Of course we said yes !, and so we had the radio on in the workshop whilst we were preparing for the Open Day so we could follow Radio Norfolk's Becky & Ian in the Radio car as they tried, with the help of their listeners, to solve the four clues and find the 'Treasure' in the form of an envelope at each location, that gave them the next cryptic clue! We were the last one and excitement mounted as they gradually found their way to the the railway.
Becky then had to find the envelope which we had secreted behind the driver's seat in 'Hotspur'. She found it with minutes to spare, fortunately, so sucess again, thanks to Radio Norfolk's listeners and we had chance to give our Open Day a 'plug' on air, which we were very grateful for.

Clue found !

On air !

Becky tries out 'Thunderbox' !

All photos: George Aldridge