Monday, 20 April 2009

AutoGyros Galore!

Ken preparing 'Zeuss III' for a flight. Photo: BM

Yesterday (Sunday 19th April) saw some 16 ALRC members, family & friends visiting the home of Ken Wallis (of Autogyro fame). We were treated to a fascinating tour of Ken's collection of over 20 AutoGyros and general aviation artefacts, which includes 2 new engines from a Blackburn & General 'Beverley' transport aircraft! remember them?
This remarkable man, now in his 93rd year, gave us a demonstration flight in his 'Zeus III' autogyro from his private airstrip at his home near Reymerston in Norfolk. A fascinating visit and should you get the chance to visit or attend one of his talks (he is doing 96 this year!!) make sure you do, he has many fascinating stories to tell, what a memory!

Nellie of '007' fame. Photo: BM