Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Ashmanhaugh Autumn

Photo: John Pond

We have been very impressed with the lovely Autumn colours that our trees & bushes have shown us this year, and to think there were none at all 5 years ago! A selection of views are included which we hope you will enjoy.

Photo: John Pond

We are now into some of our winter jobs with signs and signals being brought in and attended to as neccesary, some work being done to the existing track and pointwork before we start on Stage 3b! (approx 400', from Bamboo Junction just after the 'tunnel', to Triangle Junction where The Lake section branches off. A plan for you to ponder is in progress!). Rail lengths are being prepared, more ballast has been ordered, we are trying out our cream & green painting scheme on the front of the workshop/loco shed building, and some work is being done to Hotspur's whistle to stop the steam leak. We have erected a fence up to the signal box and plan to lay a footpath alongside to the box and then round the side to the foot crossing so we don't all keep marching along the shed roads ballast!

Thursday, 6 November 2008

ALR Bonfire Night Celebrations

Lucille & Hotspur ready for the 'off''.. Photo: John Pond

We thought it would be good to get together with our members, families and friends, at the railway, to enjoy some food, see some fireworks and take a few train rides, and that is what we did ! The weather could have been better, but nevertheless we had a good night, enjoying hot soup, hot dogs and jacket potatoes, followed by a super display of fireworks.
Then Hotspur, Lucille, Thunderbox and The General took us for some trips around the track, including the Lake section. All very atmospheric it was with the dark, the smoke, and the signal lamps glowing in the gloom, excellent. Well done everbody !!!!!!

Thunderbox well lit! Photo: John Pond.