Sunday, 31 August 2008

New vehicle in progress

We have a flat bed wagon (No 40-privately owned) which the owner, (our Chairman) wants to make into a convertible vehicle, so work has started to fabricate a body which will produce a covered in coach , or a plain open coach, or a flat bed wagon ! Watch this space........

Our photo shows John & Dave cutting out the plywood floor on 27th August.

Photo: BM

Friday, 29 August 2008

Lucille's Black Box

One of our steam locos, Lucille, received some welcome attention recently whilst one of her owners was away on holiday. A tool box has been made and fitted to the rear of her tender which will help keep everything tidy and provide more valuable storage for all those 'bits & pieces' that steam locos seem to need! The box also includes an integral water pipe so that she can be topped up quickly without the need to remove the box. Our co-owner was well pleased on his return from holiday!
Photos: BM

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Foot crossing warning bell Mark 2

Our Junior member, Ashley, has put together an audible warning system (AWS? heard that before somewhere!), at our foot crossing which we hope helps to warn visitors crossing the track at this point of an approaching train. The bell, which is connected to a 6 volt battery until we can finalise the supply from the signal box, is activated by the train making the circuit as it approaches and has been put together by Ashley using a Quality Street sweet tin, a door bell and a car indicator flasher ! Those of you who have visited us will probably have heard the bell that was rigged up but we feel that the Mark 2 version installed by Ashley is an improvement and not so offending to our ticket sales staff's ears, who have to endure it all afternoon on Open Days!!!..

The photo shows a proud Ashley with the bell in position.

Posher Platform

Our latest little scheme has been to install lamps (working ones! electrically powered) on our platform which we think look rather nice, and they impressed last evening when they were turned on together with the signals! We also now have a telephone on the platform to make communications easier (with the signalbox, the workshop, the ticket office or even the carriage shed)....

Sunday, 3 August 2008

3rd August Open Day 2008

Today's Open Day was a good one, as the weather stayed kind for us, and we did not have the rain that was forecast. So we, and our visitors enjoyed the afternoon which culminated in a grand double headed final train with Lucille & Hotspur in charge. As the train pulled into the platform at Ashmanhaugh, its arrival was greeted with cheers and a round of applause from passengers and onlookers alike.....marvelous!!!!!!!
P.S. We were, as those of you who visited us may have noticed, very busy yesterday fitting the signs that our members have bought, at various locations around the station area. (courtesy of The Original Metal Sign Company, very impressive, we like, hope you do too ?)