Sunday, 27 July 2008

Summer's Here !

The General awaits in Laurel Sidings ready for Guard training runs

Wow, yesterday was HOT !!! but we managed to fit some jobs in during the morning, such as cabling in readiness for phone & lamps installation on the platform, re-gapping closed up rail joints along the Tunnel section, paint stripping the Clubroom window in readiness for re painting, measuring up for some more low level fencing in the signal box area, and our CME was busy working on his loco, Titan, now that he has a bit more time! During the afternoon we had a running session for training and competency purposes which involved 'Lucille' and 'The General'. Lucille is fully 'fit' now and ran well with both injectors working faultlessly.

We also have a plan to fit 'The General' with a Dallee Electronic diesel engine sound unit courtesy of our Friends at Brandbright. Good excuse for a trip out!!!! Watch this space for developments, should bring this super little loco to life ?

Lucille with very happy driver
All photos : BM