Saturday, 5 July 2008

ALR S & T stuff

We thought you might be interested in our S & T boxes that you may have seen around our track. We have recently been busy installing a new power box and telephone box adjacent to Triangle Junction in readiness for the time, not too far away now, when we can start to use our new Lake section.

The power boxes house all the cabling necessary to power our points, signals and telephone system. The cables are all run in underground ducts from the signal box to the local power box from which are then run the individual cables for each point motor, signal mechanisms and telephone handsets. Our new Lake section will need starter and home signals to control trains entering and leaving the section, plus train activated automatic signals to protect the flat crossing so only one train has authority to negotiate the crossing! There is a plan to have some sort of track circuiting so the signalman knows where the train(s) on this section are, as it is out of sight of the signal box. More details later!

Telephone box at Triangle Junction

Power box at Ashmanhaugh station