Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Stage 3 Progress

Wild flowers already, looking towards Eastgate Sidings

Views 1. Down to Lakeside cutting and 2. Up to Triangle Junction

We are pleased that despite all the other things that have been going on (and off) the Railway, steady progress is being made on our new extension as the photos taken on May 31st, show. We are heading downhill now towards Eastgate sidings, excavating the 4" deep (100mm) trackbed and laying the Typar membrane as we go. The next step will be to lay the first 2" (50mm) of ballast so the prefabricated track sections can be laid and first lining and levelling carried out. We will then have to make up the flat crossing insitu to ensure we get all the angles right, before laying the final 2" of ballast and carrying out the final tamping and levelling.

Then we will be ready to roll !!!