Saturday, 21 June 2008

The Lake section progresses

More progress today with more track sections and ballast laid. We can make a start on the flat crossing now.....we are getting there!
View to Eastgate sidings

View to Birchwood Junction

Lake crossing..captions please !

First ALR Birthday Party session

We held our first 'Birthday Party' afternoon for 15 excited children (and their Mums & Dads) this afternoon, from 3 til 5 pm, which went extremely well and was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. Our visitors had many train rides during which they attempted to spot all the rabbits, birds, butterflies, snails and worms that had been placed along the route by the lucky birthday boy's Mum, then enjoyed a yummy tea, followed by some games and more train rides... Lucille was back in action, helped out by The General and Thunderbox.

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Holiday Time Update

As several of us are or will be going on holiday this month, progress on the various jobs will no doubt be a little slower, but, nevertheless there is plenty going on. We had a 20 tonne delivery of ballast recently, so after a good shift last Saturday the first 2" (50mm) is laid about halfway round Stage Three (now to be called 'The Lake' section), and progress is being made on laying the track sections. Gardening is a never ending task at this time of year, necessary to keep our track grass and weed free, but also to keep the site looking smart, which we take a pride in doing, and although it may not be considered one of the 'glamour' jobs on the Railway, it's very satisfying to see the result when it has been done as we did today!

Our coach set No 1 has today been fitted with logo plates, (see heading photo),fabricated out of timber and paint by our ever resourceful CME, and I think you will agree the result is extremely smart!

More work is being done on Lucille to get her back into full working order, hopefully for the weekend when we may have a Birthday Party session to enjoy?

Grass cutting equipment in action
Grasscutting equipment having a rest!

Stage 3 tracklaying Gang (today!)

View towards Eastgate Sidings with first ballast layer down

All photos BM.

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Stage 3 Progress

Wild flowers already, looking towards Eastgate Sidings

Views 1. Down to Lakeside cutting and 2. Up to Triangle Junction

We are pleased that despite all the other things that have been going on (and off) the Railway, steady progress is being made on our new extension as the photos taken on May 31st, show. We are heading downhill now towards Eastgate sidings, excavating the 4" deep (100mm) trackbed and laying the Typar membrane as we go. The next step will be to lay the first 2" (50mm) of ballast so the prefabricated track sections can be laid and first lining and levelling carried out. We will then have to make up the flat crossing insitu to ensure we get all the angles right, before laying the final 2" of ballast and carrying out the final tamping and levelling.

Then we will be ready to roll !!!


Tuesday, 3 June 2008

ALR June Open Day
We ran our second public Open Day on Sunday 1st June which was again successful with a good turn out of visitors, thank you for coming to see us! The weather was dull, cloudy and a bit chilly but at least the rain stayed away!
Hotspur, Thunderbox, and The General took care of most of the trains, with Lucille making a very short appearance again after having an overhaul of her pistons & valve gear, but unfortunately she had to be failed due to troublesome injectors.
Hemsby Week
A further ALR event took place on Tuesday 27th May when a Group of us visited the Hemsby Model Engineering Club's impressive 71/4" ground level railway. We were nicly entertained all day and treated to a huge variety of mainly standard gauge locos which were kept busy on the circuit normally controlled by a very impressive automatic colour light signalling system, but on the day of our visit 'gremlins' had caused a problem so the system was out of service.
Our thanks once again to the Club's hospitality and friendliness.