Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Stage 3 progress.

Eastgate Engineers siding. Photos: J Pond 18 April 2008

The last few weeks have seen steady progress being made on our new section. Virtually all the track sections have been laid in position and the creosoted edging boards are also fitted around the circuit. We have planted approximately 150 young trees and bushes on the embankments and around the Eastgate siding area. We plan to get the turf cutter on site on 10th May to strip the turf and excavate the 4" (100mm) or so to get to the trackbed formation level. Then we can lay the geotextile membrane and the first 2" (50mm) of ballast (we use granite road sweepings). Then it's a matter of laying and fishplating up the track sections, spreading the last 2" (50mm) of ballast, and lining, tamping and levelling it all through. Then we can test it and once accepted, can start to use it!!!!!!