Friday, 7 March 2008

Another Job !

Photo: BM 12th March 2008

The great thing about building and running your own Railway is that there is always 'another' job to fit in, and our latest 'little' Project is to provide a 'Ticket & Sales Booth'. This has been on our 'wish list' for a while, and so, when we recently had the offer of a free 8' x 6' garden shed, we just had to have it, just what we needed !!!!!

So, some suitable timber studding and weather boarding has been obtained enabling us to make it a bit taller, and we are currently working away (see photo) so we can have it in position and in use on our first 2008 Open Day, which you will remember is Sunday April 6th from 2 til 5 pm.

We hope to see you then?