Friday, 25 January 2008

Our People

Photo: BM

At present we are a small Group of 16 members, having a wide variety of working or 'ex' working backgrounds.....We have a carpenter, a bank manager, one serving and three RAF engineers, a 'cop', a builder person, an HVG driver, a carpet person, a St John's Ambulance person (& his wife!), a Care Home Manager, an Anglia TV man, a refrigeration engineer and a railway engineer from South Africa (he's often late! !) Quite a bunch! We also have a few willing 'Associate' members who come along on Open Days to help out, and without whose regular assistance these events could not take place.

We are also very pleased that we have one Junior member who is very enthusiastic and keen to learn ! he tells us what it’s like to be a junior member.......

'Being a junior member at the ALR is very interesting and unusual. As a junior member i can do all the same jobs as the adult members, with the exception of driving, guarding, and signalling on public open days. I am currently training as a guard, driver, signalman, and s & t technician. Life on the railway is different to most and can be very hard work, but also very enjoyable. I come in very handy for thinking of ideas to help the railway and due to my size and suppleness, I can get into places that some of the senior members can’t.

By Ashley... Age 12 '

He can be seen in the photo helping his Grandad, (our CME), preparing 'Hotspur' for a run in December last year. We are also expecting to swell our Junior ranks by one later this year when the lucky young man who lives on the site will be old enough to join our Club.

Brian M

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Stage 3 progress

We have now made enough track sections to get us from 'Triangle Junction' which is halfway half way round Stage 1, to the flat crossing (Lake Crossing) on our Stage 3 circuit. Some of you will have seen the track curving away when you visited us on one of our Open Days last year.

As you can see from the photos the route is taking shape and looking good, we are all very excited at the prospect of having this third Stage in operation later this year. We walked the route yesterday with a measuring wheel and the total trip when all the planned trackwork is in place will be some 922 yards (= 0.52 miles!).

The new Stage 3 will be 266 yards, Stage 1 is 211 yards and Stage 2 is 230 yards. The two sections over the Triangular Junction add a further 63 yards.

So, as one of our members suggests, this could make the ALR possibly the longest 7 1/4" gauge railway in the County ?

Brian M

A sunny day at Ashmanhaugh

Yesterday (Saturday 12th January) was a fantastic day with lovely clear blue skies all day, which enabled 15 of our members to have a good working session. We usually split into 'work' Groups to make best use of our member's 'skills', and yesterday saw a variety of tasks being carried out including, restoration work to our lovely wooden coaches.....

tracklaying in progress at Westfield Junction, the start of our Stage 3 route...

Members were also carrying out restoration work to our wooden bench seats ready for the new season, inspecting & maintaining point & signal installations and, of course more track panels were being assembled in the workshop for Stage 3.

Brian M

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

How to find us

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