Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Happy LOR visitors !

The fun about to start! Photo: Ken Gilham
Happiness is ? ready to go !
 Photo: John Pond
(with apologies to The Lady, our Reporter didn't intend to photograrf your dererriere!)

We were delighted to be able to welcome some 14 Little Orchard Railway people on a reciprocal visit to the ALR on Saturday (25th) for an afternoon's fun and food! (if you haven't been to the Little Orchard, you should, it's well worth it ! (www.littleorchardrailway.com). 
After a tour round the circuit behind General and Nelson to see the layout of the ALR, we handed several of our visitors the 'reigns' over the course of the afternoon, so they could experience driving our locos around our (slightly longer than theirs) circuit ! ... which of course they did  !

 Nelson takes one of our visitors along the Back Straight

                    and over the bridge. Photos: John Pond

 Think Rex has it all under control! Photo: John Pond

 Luke (with Dad looking anxiously on) about to take General around the circuit !
Photo: Ken Gilham

So the afternoon saw The General, Nelson, Hotspur, Thunderbox, Sergeant and Lucille all happily pottering around with various drivers of varying abilities, but they all managed very well, even the Juniors, so a good time was enjoyed by all. We had a break mid play for some tea and cake, then later on we all enjoyed a superb BBQ and yummee afters, accompanied by a magnificent, (ha ha!) food wetting, canopy moving storm !
 Kevin even brought his superb warship with smoke and rotating guns !
Photo: John Pond