Wednesday, 11 January 2012

More January Jobs

Lots going on while the weather is kind to us here in sunny East Anglia !.

Dave is progressing his chassis in the workshop for 'Buggy', the electric powered (hopefully!) loco that he is developing with parts obtained from a mobility scooter. He is a bit concerned as to whether the motor will be powerful enough, but we will see in due course !

and Ray is busy with his most favorite job ever, turning the wheels for 'Buggy' from blanks on our old and struggling a bit South Bend lathe!

The Boys have been scraping the paint or whatever coated the inside of 'Hotspur's' tender, so we can apply some new waterproofing (bitumen paint).

Dave thanks the Boys for a job well done !

Richard has been doing some leaf clearing in the 'green' tunnel area where they love to congregate. He has formed a leaf store so they can't escape back !

We have a plan to erect some more fencing from the platform end to the footpath crossing to make this area more people wander proof!

Final tidying up of the bridge area ballasting and soiling continues and the last decking planks are being fitted once they have been slimmed so as not to be higher than the rail tops (The Shay doesn't have a lot of ground clearance!).