Friday, 2 February 2018

PC has the flu !

Hi Everyone
Apologies for not posting any updates on our railway stuff this year ! But yours truly' s computer has the 'flu',  is not co-operating, but hopefully my ' man' can fix it for me soon so we can keep you up to date. Keep smiling, soon be Summer


Sunday, 31 December 2017

Happy New Year !!!!

We would like to wish everyone, wherever you are on this amazing planet , a very Happy, a very Prosperous, a very     Healthy and a very Peaceful 2018, with lots of great trains! 

Best wishes from all the ALR Boys and Girls 

Sunday, 24 December 2017

It is Christmas !!!!


We would like to wish everyone, wherever you are, a very Happy Christmas and all our best wishes for a Peaceful, Healthy and  Prosperous 2018, with lots of trains !!!!

From all the ALR Gang 



Thursday, 21 December 2017

It's Nearly Christmas!

So are you nearly ready for Christmas ? how the time has flown by this year! We have been tidying up and continue to thin out the trees and bushes, especially along the Back Straight, and around the lake, which is opening up the views and letting light into some areas that have been 'shady' for a while. So, we are thinking we could have a log burning loco which could replenish its tender as it made its way around the track!!!!
We had a great evening at a local hostelry last Friday when 22 or so of us tucked into a lovely meal and  enjoyed a convivial atmosphere with Santa providing some nice Surprise parcels for the members present! 
Keith and Johnny have got Hotspur's new pistons fitted and we tested them out last Saturday on the rolling road with the help of the air compressor, and all ran smoothly, and so it is looking good. We look forward to steaming the loco up in the Spring as we have now moved the steam locos up into the top workshop shed and tucked them up nice and warm for the Winter. Our thanks to Brian and Kevin for their help and advice, we are very pleased with the progress on the loco. 
We are looking at replacing our timber 'electrical' boxes around the circuit that contain all the wiring and 'wigglyamp' things that control our points, signals and track circuiting, as these are deteriorating now (the boxes, not the wiring etc etc !). We have a couple of  metal/plastic boxes (outside meter box for one ) which are just the right size , so Graham and Ricardo are trying them out, working out how to get them in position over the existing wiring and 'stuff'., an interesting exercise we think!
A point lever has been made from part of an old one that we found, (it's amazing what you find tucked away if you look), which will be used for the new point to be installed down at the loco shed to give another steaming road alongside the existing track that goes into the loco shed, eventually.
We have had a clear out of all the building remnants from the Clubroom extension, enabling us to get the locos in for the Winter 'hibernation'.   
We have placed the chassis and steel framing for the new Tool Van onto trestles in the workshop, so progress can be made on this vehicle, which is going to be a very useful addition to the rolling stock fleet.
So, always things to do to keep us occupied, so until next time.....keep smiling !

P.S. no piccys unfortunately, as the 'modern technology' stuff is not co-operating, maybe next time, hey ho !

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

November Update

Hi, yes it is November, can you believe it ? The dark nights are with us, the temperature has dropped , and the fireworks are all done for another year, and it will soon be 'you know what' again, where has this year gone?
But, we are still keeping busy now that our Public Operating Days are finished with, there's plenty to do ! We have installed a set of 'rolling roads' on our hydraulic table so we can get at locos more easily for maintenance work, and we have 'Hotspur' on it at the moment while we fabricate and fit the new pistons which are coming on nicely, thanks to our Johnny B and a certain Young Man who has Hemsby connections! (can't wait to see the A4 Brian ! wow)..

Hotspur being loaded onto the 'rolling road'

A close up of the rolling road installation


Our recently acquired 'grass cutting and tidying machine' has been in action picking up one or two leaves that seem to be laying about, very effective! 

The 'GCand TM' in action with Peter and Richard in attendance

Some new turf has been laid by Richard to replace the worn path en route to the platform,

The new turf pathway
 Several trees have disappeared as part of the ongoing 'thinning' process to allow more light in and to open up some areas that were starting to get a bit dense. Woodpecker Lodge and the signal box are being treated to some paint. Trackwork 'fettling' continues and is well advanced generally, so well done Boys. The wagon shelter is nearly complete, and we are just about to start work on the construction of a 'machinery and equipment ' shelter down at Laurel sidings, to be done in tandem with the Loco Shed canopy, and our Clubroom extension has now received a lovely vinyl, simulated timber floor that is very smart indeed......
A couple of week ago we were pleased to be able to welcome some of the Boys who are associated with the Southwold Railway Project, (Neal, Nigel, John H and Tony R), with their newly built 71/4" gauge loco, intended for use on their Southwold site, giving rides to help swell their funds. They needed to give the loco a good run to see how it performed, and it went well ! A good day was had by all, and several of us had a drive which enabled some valuable feedback to be given to the Boys so they could improve one or two things. We look forward to seeing the loco at work on the Southwold Railway.

The Southwold loco being unloaded by Neal

The loco at work during the day along with General
Photos: Brian M

and finally , our Annual General Meeting takes place on Saturday which gives us a chance to review the year's activities, and following that we are pleased to welcome Bob Bramson, (thanks Tony) who is going to give a a talk about steam injectors and test each one off our locos to ensure they are in good nick. Should be an interesting day.